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Apr 26, 2019

It’s Oscars time! Or it was.

The Film Bullies are fashionably late to the Academy Awards, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the hottest and most unfortunate takes on Hollywood’s biggest night.

Feb 7, 2019

In this episode, the Film Bullies die laughing over the Fyre Festival documentaries, don’t understand what’s going on with the Ghostbusters franchise, and get sucked into the konmari lifestyle.


Bird Box 

Cold War 

If Beale Street Could Talk 

Can You Ever Forgive Me 


Fyre Fraud

Fyre: The Greatest Party...

Dec 31, 2018

In this episode, the Film Bullies discuss which movies of 2018 were their favorites vs. their most hated, and gleefully celebrate the demise of Moviepass.


Dec 24, 2018

In this episode, the Film Bullies make Academy Award hosting suggestions,  talk watching movies at home vs. watching in a cinema, discuss our favorite holiday movies, and wonder why more people can’t get on Pamela Anderson’s level.

"Kevin Hart banned from the Oscars "

Little Dieter Needs to Fly 


"Meet Gina...

Dec 18, 2018

In this episode, the Film Bullies talk about the holiday movies they hate the most, how is Amanda Bynes these days, and why does Australian KFC get aoli dipping sauce while the rest of us are awash in high fructose corn syrup.


Welcome Home Brother Charles



Lena Dunham Comes to Terms With Herself